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information was cawfd up. >> strong suit of obama administration. it is john kerry blasting this investigation saying it is a moment of incompetence to release the names of these libyan officials. peter king not taking his foot off the gas. he wants to continue his investigation. he wants all documents and cables released from what happened. here is what he told geraldo last night. >> here is what the administration should do and i'm calling on them now. they should release and take any names they want for security reasons. all of the cables, all of the correspondence, all of the emails and contacts that went back between benghazi and washington. everything within the cia which was known and also whether or not several days prior to that they did have any advanced notice that this attack was coming. >> and you know, guys, of course, the president was on the daily show the other night, it was not a funny show on the daily show. he was very poignant in saying as information came out we have released it we have been forth right with the american people as we have gotten information we have releas
: that was president obama yesterday. he twice failed to answer a local reporter's question on benghazi. what does it say about the administration's leadership and position and what happened to transparency? here to debate this is radio talk show host, tony katz. brian benjamin and former governor of new york and author of "decoding the obama health care law, what you need to know", betsy mccoy. that was an interview with a local denver reporter and twice tried to ask the president, were requests for added security denied in benghazi, that's what fox news has uncovered recently this week. and the president in fairness said we're trying to find out exactly what happened. so, is this the president, you know, trying -- sort of dodging the question or is he trying to give a more measured response and not a misleading response the as they did the first time around. >> unfortunately appears to be dodging the question because there's already a mountain of evidence that came from the drone, e-mails that came in started at 4:05. seven hours they watched at americans died and did nothing. of course, this is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)